The Artist Way – week 1 – starting by accepting

Eventually I found my way to start The ArtistWay  after weeks of trying to start.

The Artist way is a method of Julia Cameron to bring more creativity in your life. It makes you go back to your childhood and think of what you liked back then and were good at.

Every day you have to write ‘Morning pages‘: Pages that you write without serious thinking. Just write down everything that comes up in your mind when you get out of your bed. You have to write 3 pages.

These ‘Morning pages‘ were quite a struggle for me and that is why I stopped a few times in the first week. I kept on when I started to accept that 2 or 3 times a week is also fine. And I experienced that it went easier and easier and I am now ( in week 8 ) up to 5 times a week.

The best outcome of the  ‘Morning pages‘ is that it clears your mind before you start the day. I sometimes set goals or make lists of what to do or what not to think about and let go.

Next to the ‘Morning pages‘ there are the ‘Artist dates‘: Dates with yourselve, to take yourselve out (alone!) to something that you would not do regularly. It doesn’t have to be a big thing or something that takes a long time, just a 20 minutes walk to work in another way than usual is already good enough.

My first Artist date was stepping into a British store that I walked by more often and started wandering what would be in it and who?

So I snuggled around in the funny little store with articles from the United Kingdom and left with a Shop-o-holic mug. Something I would normally not

buy and it is also not so much my taste, but I started to appreciate. The only thing I was wandering is it not Shop-a-holic? Well the Brits must be right in this one so, her is me mug.